NL & BE. Rest of Europe On Request Contact Us For Orders Over 40kg


Injera Flour Company Webshop Launch

10 July 2021

We at Injera Flour Company are happy to announce the launch of our new webshop!

We officially launched in February of 2021 selling flour at a business-to-business level. With this webshop, we hope to increase our availability to more of the Ethiopian and Eritrean communities of Europe.

Customers living in the Netherlands and Belgium are able to make direct purchases for orders below 40kg. All other orders may be made through our convenient form. You may also email us directly at

Why not make it so that all orders can be made directly through the webshop? Different shipping destinations and order weights mean varied costs. Simply put: We want to give you the best prices; giving individual quotes helps us do just that.

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Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!